Entering the blogging industry was quite unintentional, crossing the world of blogging by accident and posted personal posts that nobody would care about. I started blogging last January 1st and I've established my blog as "Eccedentesiast" to "Travels of Lois Baguio" to "Hey Lois!" from a personal event blog posts, to gaining courage to posts my outfit shots and dealing with the world of fashion that really changed my life, to having these wonderful sponsors and deal with beauty topics. Blogging really made my life versatile and be socially inclined. I really don't know how my blog traffic increased.

So I am really glad that I got nominated on Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013! *crowd cheering* Wanna know my own picks for the list?

1. Hey Lois! (
Let's keep it real, hahhaah who's the number 1 who's going to support you? of course yourself! Blogging is my life for now, I share my thoughts, ideas and tricks on how to make life easier and all of the things out nowhere. I really believe people relates to my blogposts based on their blog comments and emails. I am really glad that I am not alone, that I share the same thoughts with my readers and keep in touch with them.

2. I am Frustrated Blogger (
It's just amazing how the blogger blogs his travels and everyday activities. Looking at those photos makes all of the things very interesting and the photos do all the talking for the blogger! 

3. Cupcakes and Cashmere (
Her blog gives honest reviews about shops and their owners. This matters a lot because customers and shop owners must have really great relationship. This give warnings for customers whether they should invest in shops that's worth their money and time. 

4. The Anon Tutorials (
Life hacks with technology and emphasizes the saying "Money matters". Gives you free downloads on tips on how to deal with softwares and how to DIY fix your gadgets!

5. Pinay on the Loose (
Even though I do some beauty blogging, I still have to find new stuffs from the local market and Pinay on the Loose really helps me gather more information and knowledge about new products.

6. Great Tech (
All things about technology and updates on new releases, leaks and rumours about the latest apps and softwares. Gives them the best and the worst reviews and spreads knowledge whether you should get it or leave it. 

7. Her World of Randomness (
I love how the blogger gives shops and advertisers free ad slots for her blog. Her blog is pretty versatile and she share her tricks on getting organize with things and she shares her beauty secrets.

8. Pretty Ugly (
A lot of you guys that I am also into pastels, well a little bit. I just want everything to look neat and organized. I am in love with Pretty-ugly's layout, and in that reason, it makes me want to look for more, crave for more.

9. Rochelle Rivera (
Her blog really implies to me that entering motherhood doesn't mean that you have to leave the world of fashion and beauty. You can still balance your everyday life with your kids and be socially active and share your tips to your readers. 

10. Apple and Bees (
Her blog really inspires me a lot. Looking at those high quality photos makes it more interesting and I just adore her blog layout. 

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